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Not let your rights to be trampled, president Ghani addresses army officers

President Ghani, at the ninth graduation ceremony officers of Marshal Fahim National Defense University, addressed to the army officers and said: You are reviving the historical greatness of Afghanistan.
According to (DID) press Agency report, President Ghani Also said that I am honored as the Supreme Commander of Defense and security Forces of Afghanistan. I feel proud of your courage and bravery by having such forces to remind the greatness and sacrifices of this country in the face of the whole world.

“Our Air Forces are activated and will be completed until 2020 from any point, he stated.
The president underlined that we do not allow the theft of your clothes and food as well as the corrupt Mafia circles to trample your rights.
He pointed to the security and political status in the country and stressed that “the equations of war is changing in favor of our forces.”
The president besides appreciating the struggles and sacrifices of the security forces, said: “specific measures have taken for the sufferers of the defense forces and their treatment, and the best medicine and therapeutic equipment have been provided for them now.”

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