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Our Economy will Boom in less than 6 months: Taliban

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told a gathering of Shiites in the west of Kabul that the Taliban’s priority for the Hazara people is to build settlements for those who live in Bamyan caves. He also stressed that Afghanistan’s economy will flourish in six months.

Addressing a public gathering on Thursday in Kabul, the Taliban spokesman apologized to those who were injured or harassed when the Taliban entered cities.
“After Ashraf Ghani escaped, people wanted us to enter Kabul to prevent looting, and we were forced to enter Kabul unplanned,” said
Mujahid. “Controlling amnesty was not an easy task because our forces were
young and maybe they sought revenge, but we controlled the situation well,” he added.

According to him, the Taliban tried to start negotiations with the previous government after signing
the Doha agreement with the United States, but the previous government
“sabotaged’ the talks.
“The first thing we will do for the Hazara people is to evict the cave dwellers of Bamyan and build settlements for them,” Mujahid continued.

On the economy, the Taliban spokesman stressed the invasion is over, we will start the jihad for the development of the country, and are looking for the start of major development projects such as the TAPI, Mes Aynak, and other projects.
“Our economy will boom in less than six months,” he added.

This comes as over 100 days passed since the Taliban took over Kabul but no country recognized their rule. During the time, the national currency against the dollar has fallen sharply and the people are hardly able to buy necessary basic items.

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