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Our Swords stand ready: Pence

Mike Pence, U.S vice president, who was speaking on the deck of USS Ronald Reagan in military jacket, threatened North Korea with “crushing response.”
Yesterday, America’s vice president said that the U.S.A will seek peace, but also will react with “crushing response” to attacks, amid strained relations of his country with North Korea.
“Those who want to evaluate our decisiveness should understand that we will defeat any attack and will answer any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with a powerful and effective American response.” Mike Pence added. Quoted from foreign media.

Deputy of Donald Trump stressed that Washington will cooperate with its allies in the region and China will continue to put economic and diplomatic pressure on North Korea.
“The United States will always seek peace, but during president Trump’s administration, Shields are in hand and swords stand ready.” Mike Pence said.
It is noteworthy that tensions have strongly increased during recent days; as far as the two countries have also threatened each to “nuclear attack.”

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