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Peace or War, make your Choice: President Ghani to Taliban

Our problem began with an imported peace process, we will never surrender to the Taliban, and now is not the time for the blame game, we must unite against the Taliban, said President Ashraf Ghani.

Addressing the extraordinary session of the National Assembly on Monday in Kabul, President Ghani said the Islamic Republic wants a just and lasting peace, but the Taliban are still mercenaries and do not believe in a just and lasting peace in Afghanistan.

Demanding national unity and solidarity against the Taliban, Mr Ghani stressed that the main problem began with an imported and imposed peace process.
“The government has always pushed for a lasting peace, but the Taliban do not believe in a just and lasting one,” the president said. “The problem began when the Afghan and foreign lessons of peace were not observed. A national and real process was replaced by a hasty and imported one; a process based on crude hypotheses, based on the pressure on the Republic and the destruction of democracy,” he added.

President Ghani clearly expressed that today the Afghan people are exposed to blatant aggression, which is based on sedition and its tools are guile and deceit.
“We have made our choice, the Taliban and their supporters should make theirs,” he continued.

According to him, the Taliban have not changed for the better; Rather, they have become more oppressive, non-Muslim, and more heinous.
“I will never kneel before any destructive force, we will either sit knee-to-knee at a real negotiation table or break their knees on the battlefields,” Mr Ghani underlined.
He further said that the security situation in Afghanistan deteriorated because the United States “abruptly” decided to withdraw its troops from the country.

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