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Persian and Dari One Language/ BBC’s Move Schismatic: Pedram

Head of Hezb-e Kangra-e Milli-e Afghanistan and a lawmaker has warned the British embassy in Kabul of massive protests regarding the program name change from BBC Persian to BBC Dari, calling it a provocative move.

Abdul Latif Pedram, head of Hezb-e Kangra-e Milli took the issue to the general session of the parliament amid ongoing arguments over BBC’s step.

Pedram warned the civil movements and protests could lead to the closure of the BBC’s office in Kabul.

The controversial topic emerged few days ago as hundreds of thousands of people have taken the issue to the social media, sparking heated debate among the people.

The heated exchange of criticisms and support regarding the controversial issue had also led to some believing that the move has political motives hidden behind it.


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