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Politics; as a game of football

One of the famous proverbs about football is that “if you want to know the politics and society of a country, first understand its football.”
We should take this proverb into consideration and carefully take a look at it.
For example, in England red teams are the symbol of working class, and blue teams are the symbol of nobility and capitalism. The arrangement suggests the struggles between workers and capitalists.

In addition, in Spain the struggles of two capital powers, Alcove and Basque Separatists and in Germany Bremen and Bayern …
The more we enter in depth of football the better we understand the politics and social struggles, we find out that their heating and cooling physical battles, have changed into battles on the football fields, war heroes, have become their heroes of the fields.
With the presence of football, vampire Generals do not have political and ethnic backings anymore. Until football is present, instead of Hitler, Joachim Low and Thomas Muller battle on the field and bring home championship, instead of English generals “Wayne Rooney” takes the battlefields and instead of all European vampires, a football representative is there in the world that conquers the hearts, without killing, bloodshed and ideology.

Football heroes do not fight for ideology anymore and the Europe’s war is not physical, it is a struggle in a green rectangle with the enthusiasm of spectators, with the cheers of fans, with cry, accompanied with the ecstasy of young heroes, waved to them. Football culture, is the culture of facing gladiators without bloodshed. Football culture, is superpower confrontation, without guns and tanks, without destroying cities and killing and bloodshed.
Tears shed in football struggle is more different from tears, shed in warm and physical wars. Football tears accompanies ecstasy, than sadness and grief of being homeless, than the loss of wife, children and husband.

Football is the war of superpowers, but in a green rectangle, as there was prejudice fight between North and South in Cote dlvoire, even if a northern would travel to South of Cote Dlvoire, little happened that come back alive, but the spell was broken, thanks to the national stars of the country. Drogba, did the most work and the prejudice has decreased to the lowest level in history. The only way to avoid war and fanaticism in Afghanistan, is football, which is not taken seriously. The government should bring the investment on war, in football fields, bring the wars and prejudices in football fields, as we witnessed the championship of our team in South of Asia that broke the religious and ethnics spell in the country and brought public happiness.

Faisal Shayesta is not related to any race, everybody loves him, because of scoring goals, and because of being the captain, Faisal Shayesta is not a person related to Pashtun or Tajik anymore, he is captain Faisal, his race and nation is just football.
When the power of Great Britain was in decline in nineteenth century, they could not deploy their forces all over Europe, due to thousand reasons and showing power and bullying was unpopular, thanks to the wars. The European nationalism did not allow the English to enter into direct policy in Europe, too. Thus, the English failed to buy lawyers, ministers and wealthy segments of the European societies and could not influence.

The English were looking for a way to impose their power in the world. The astute English used their old technique, the tactics that had done with India, Australia and their other colonies in the past, but with this difference that won the cricket in India and other colonies, so that to preserve their cultural powers, but made football widespread and public in Europe; this is an English way and the way of English cultural influence.
Football did not have any fans in “Paris”, even nobody watched football in Paris. It is said that football was unpopular, but Arabs who are the symbol of aristocracy and wealth today, the English dragged them in Europe. Encouraged them to invest on Paris teams. Today any team that had the lowest fans, has found a way into the hearts of all Parisians and it is in every house of Parisians. Drag the citizens of Paris into stadium, which is undoubtedly an English tactics to export their culture in France. That old rival of English lords, as far as the English ambassador himself laid the foundation of “Porteur” team by England embassy aid and made a stadium for it …

If you are a fan of football and wants to know the roots of your favorite team from the political and social perspective, so sit down and watch carefully the political and social borders of a league in different countries, as a result, will change your vision from football.

Nasir Nadim – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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