President Ghani calls the Taliban to Peace once again

President Ghani, called the armed opposition to “peace” once again and said: The Talibans who are having independent thought, I ask them to come home and contribute to the prosperity of the country.
According to the DID Press Agency, the president, in a ceremony to mark the twenty-eighth anniversary of defeat of the Soviet Red Army in Afghanistan, said: he would never allow foreign intelligence agencies and terrorist groups to do disruptive behavior.
The president referring to the bloody wars that exist in Afghanistan stated that, the key to success in the Afghan war with the Soviet Union for freedom and defense was the national unity between ethnic groups, Shiite and Sunni.
Mr. President also said, the Afghan Jihad, was a heroic battle that cause proud for the people of Afghanistan in the world, because the impact or sign of terrorism, suicide attacks have never seen there. .
The president pointed that the Soviet jihad was not for the sake of authority or power, but for freedom and prosperity of Afghanistan and to build schools or highways without the help of the strangers.
Mr Ghani also emphasized, the unity and solidarity of the people of Afghanistan, once again asked the Taliban to stop fighting and join the peace process as Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin joined the peace process.
This is several times that the Afghan government invited the Taliban to join the peace, but has been no positive results yet, that this group is still remain in war.

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