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Program “Bamiyan; Human rights and citizenship responsibilities” held in Bamiyan

A program named “Bamiyan; human rights and citizenship responsibilities” was held Sunday afternoon, attended by local officials of the province, Sima Samar, head of Afghan independent human rights commission, civil activists, media and different classes of people.
According to DID news agency report, “Sustainable development program began in 2016 and will continue until 2030, which includes Afghanistan too.” Head of independent human rights commission Sima Samar said.
Considering the elimination of poverty and hunger, the right to health, education and … are the priorities of the program and said: “unfortunately, fundamental works have not been conducted over education in Afghanistan and only 7 million children have access to educational centers.”
She says that one of the way to achieve the goals of the program is to educate the children and the ways to achieve such goals is through educating this class of the community.
“Unfortunately, a large number of Afghan citizens do not have food security and spend the nights, hungry,” chairwoman of human rights commission added.
Mentioning the human rights commission’s goals, he said: “this commission has always tried to make citizens’ lives better and defend their trampled rights.”
Ms. Samar further said: “Since the people themselves chose this administration, they do not have the right to criticize it.”

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