Protests in Turkey due to ‘call for prayer’ ban in Jerusalem

A group of Turkish people gathered to protest against the plan of banning the Azan sound (call for prayer) from loudspeakers of Jerusalem mosques, in the Uskudar district of Istanbul.
Today morning, a group of Turkish people, gathered in the yard of “Mihrimah” mosque in Istanbul in an area of Uskudar, after Morning Prayer to protest against the bill to ban the Azan sound from the speakers of Jerusalem mosques, and condemned it.

Ridvan Kaya, the head of “Ozgur” association, by reading a statement, called the bill an example of the world Zionist occupation, and said Western countries are worried about the threat of terrorism, while Islamic countries are the biggest victims. Quoted from (Anatoly).
He mentioned that just last week, hundreds of Middle East people have been killed under the pretext of fighting terrorism, addressed to Western countries and added that YOU are the biggest terrorist.

Israel parliament (Knesset), primarily approved the law of banning the call to prayer broadcast through loud speakers in Jerusalem, with 55 votes in favor and 48 negative votes of representatives.
According to the law, broadcasting the call to prayer through loudspeakers is prohibited from 11pm to 7am, and in case of non-compliance, the mosques will face fines of $1300 to 2600. For executing the law, Knesset must give a positive vote at the second and third meeting, too.

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