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Representatives React to Wolesi Jirga Speaker: Backing Interim Administration is National Treason

Representatives of the Afghan parliament called the plan of interim government a national betrayal, saying that the House of Representatives’ Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani must apologize. The Wolesi Jirga representatives accused Rahmani of supporting an interim government.
A large number of people’s representatives, during Monday’s session at the parliament, claimed that Mir Rahman Rahmani has backed the formation of an interim government.

If Mir Rahman Rahmani does not apologize, they will collect signatures to disqualify him, the representatives emphasized.
According to them, Rahmani somehow supported the formation of an interim government at the opening session of the Special Peace Committee on Sunday.

Although Rahmani rejected the claim, the representatives warned that the video of his remarks would be made public.
The members of the special peace committee of the parliament, meanwhile, say that Mir Rahman Rahmani, the speaker of the House of Representatives, who is also elected as chairman of the committee, conveyed his personal opinion to the media as a “committee decision” without consulting the 21-members of the special peace committee.

On Sunday, Mir Rahmani said that members of the committee will soon begin formal meetings with the government and the Taliban, and would give reports to the Afghan people on the peace process and its obstacles and challenges.
Members of the parliament also called for the dissolution of the Special Peace Committee; Because they believe that this committee was created by the order of House of Representatives speaker.

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