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Resettlement of Deported Immigrants in Certain Areas is Concerning: NRC of Afghanistan 

DID Press: The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, in a statement regarding the deportation of Afghanistani immigrants by Pakistan, said their relocation in certain areas of the country is worrisome.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan expressed concerns about the consequences of relocating the immigrants expelled from Pakistan to certain areas of Afghanistan.
“In continuation of its previous stance, the National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan is seriously concerned about the program to move the refugees in certain areas while considering the decision of the Pakistani government against good neighborly relations and in contradiction to the 1951 Geneva Convention on the Rights of Refugees as one of its consequences,” read part of the statement. 

“On the other hand, the movement of returned migrants in certain areas is the politicization of this process that disrupts the solidarity of the Afghan people today and in the future. Let’s assume that this political relocation will take place and continue for a while under the illegitimate rule of the Taliban. Tomorrow, with the change in the situation in Afghanistan, will these displaced people have a chance to live in these areas? It is clear that this process provides more grounds for disunity, dispersion, and separation of our people,” the statement added. 

The NRC of Afghanistan underlined that if the returned immigrants are Afghan nationals, they will return to the areas where they previously lived. 
“if the returned immigrants are Afghan nationals, then their previous residency certainly indicates that they belong to a part of our geography, village, city, and province and should be resettled in their native areas. If there is no plan, how will the Taliban relocate the returned migrants to certain provinces in the north of Afghanistan and certain areas of those provinces? It is clear that this is being done with the aim of disrupting the demographics and social structure of certain areas, and it is a destructive plan that will not spare anyone, including the Taliban,” said the statement. 
The NRC of Afghanistan calls on the United Nations to get involved in this process and not allow the deportation process to be “politicized”.

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