Returning 1 million immigrants to Increase Afghanistan Challenges

European Union in Kabul, international organization for migration and a number of government officials gathered in Kabul, and tried to find a suitable solution to solve the immigration crisis, during a joint meeting.
According to (DID) news agency report, Laurence Hart, head of the international organization for migration in Afghanistan, said that in 2017 more than one million Afghan refugees will return to Afghanistan from different countries that their reversion will be a great challenge for the government of Afghanistan.

Laurence Hart, in his speech to national unity government warned that if political leaders do not address immigrants’ challenges, back participants will join the insurgents.
Head of international organization for migration asserted that 2017 was not a good year for the people and the government of Afghanistan and there is a need to reduce the current graph challenges.
Meanwhile, the European Union officials in Kabul confirmed concerns of international organization for migration, and says that the EU has taken the migration issue serious.

George Cunningham, deputy EU ambassador in Kabul says that the EU tried, the refugees be accepted in different countries, but few of them have been accepted and most of them will be returned.
The official of the EU in Kabul urged the international community to prevent the development of migration and conduct a serious fight against criminal organizations that encourage people to go to Europe.
Meanwhile, Sayyed Hussain Alemi Balkhi, minister of refugees and repatriation says that some neighbors of Afghanistan deal with refugees issue politically and national unity government has no other solution to migration, but discussion.

Mr. Balkhi expressed concern that now refugees are forcefully deported from Iran and Pakistan, even from Iran a day on average, 300 asylum-seeker.
These concerns amid political tensions between Kabul-Islamabad, and the government of Pakistan also turned to forced expulsion of Afghan refugees and deports a hundred asylum-seeker a day.

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