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Russia house of science and culture to re-open in Kabul

Country’s foreign minister said, soon (Russian cultural) center will be opened in Kabul.
Ahmad Shakib Mustaghni, spokesman of foreign affairs ministry speaking to the media said that Sergey lavrov, Russian foreign minister gave notice about opening Russia’s cultural center in Kabul, in his visit with country’s foreign minister, Salahuddin Rabbani.

Last week, Salahuddin Rabbani, country’s foreign minister as the head of a high-level delegation went to Moscow and visited with Russian officials, including foreign minister of this country, Sergey Laverov.

During the meeting, Mr. Lavrov besides stressing on expanding cooperation with Afghanistan gave notice about reopening Russia’s science and cultural center in Kabul.
Russia cultural center reconstructed in the last years; but so far not been inaugurated. This center was active in the past. Foreign minister spokesman added.

Russia science and cultural center in Kabul was built by the former Soviet Union in 1982. It was as an island peace and a cultural communication line with Afghanistan for a long time; but destroyed during civil wars and changed to a place for addicts.
Russia again reconstructed and made it ready for exploitation with an aim to expand its cultural, trade and social science relations with Afghanistan.

An official from the Russian embassy said before that supporting Russia language, increasing Russia educational services, development of cooperation between educational institutions of Afghanistan and Russia, teaching Russian language, accepting students in high educational institutions of this country, maintaining relationship with alumni, keeping relations with movements and youth organizations will be the main duties of Russia cultural center in Kabul.

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