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Russian Muslims launch Campaign to send humanitarian aid to Myanmar

Russia’s Muslim foundation Zakyat has launched a campaign to raise funds and send humanitarian assistance to Myanmar’s citizens oppressed in the Southeast Asian country.

“The Zakyat charity foundation announces launching a campaign “Help the Oppressed People in Myanmar,” it said. Its goal is to collect funds and arrange humanitarian aid delivery to the Muslims suffering in Myanmar. Quoted from Tass news agency.

“We cannot stop that evil happening in Myanmar by acting alone, but together we can provide support and extend a helping hand to these poor people. Thanks to our common efforts, we will provide the refugees with all the necessary medicines, food and clothes,” a statement by the foundation reads.
“We, the Muslims of Russia, call on all the parties to the conflict to avoid any steps that could escalate violence, as well as the use of force in attempts to remove differences, and immediately sit at the negotiating table to solve the accumulated inter-ethnic and inter-religious problems,” the statement added.
The campaign will last until October 5 and everyone can make a donation.
The Spiritual Department for Russian Muslims also urged international organizations to take advantage of their political influence to prevent the further escalation of conflict and help the opposing sides outline peaceful approaches to resolving the situation.

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