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Women activists in Ghore:

Security Forces should be increased

Women rights activists in Ghore province rallied in support of security forces and to sympathize with the families of martyrs in Taywara district.
According to DID news agency report, women rights activist rallied Thursday in support of security forces and expressing condolences to families of Martyrs in Taywara district of the province.
They chanted slogans like “we want security, war is enough, and we want an increase in the number of security forces.”
According to them, killing innocent people is not in any religion.

Women rights activists in Ghor claimed that the province is in a state of deprivation and how long these deprivations continue …?
They warned the central government that if they do not pay attention to increasing security forces and providing the security of the province, they themselves take guns against scaremongers, specially the Taliban.
It should be noted that a while ago, Ghore’s Taywara district was collapsed by the Taliban and the government retook the district after several days.
The people of Taywara district suffered heavy losses in that incident.

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