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Jamiat-e Islami Party is the true flag-bearer of the legitimate jihad and resistance of the brave nation of Afghanistan and is the founder of fight against terrorism and extremism and has made tremendous efforts towards bringing peace, security and the formation of a democratic system in the country after the ouster of Taliban regime.
Although seeing itself along with its other allies the winner of the last presidential elections, in order to solve the crisis caused by the massive fraud in the elections and with an understanding of the sensitive situation the country was in, it acceded to the proposition of a National Unity Government and expected the other part shall demonstrate a similar understanding; but however, the other party unfortunately failed to honor their obligations towards the National Unity Government (NUG)’s agreements that were blessed by the United Nations and the United States and has so far been working towards monopolizing the power and this has stirred a wave of dissatisfaction all over the country as well within the highest levels of government.
In such a situation where the Government of National Unity is struggling with numerous problems and at the time, when many of the provinces of the country suffer the scourge of insecurity, the Balkh province, thanks to the adequacy and prudence of Governor Ata Mohammad Noor, is enjoying stability and prosperity that could be enumerated as the achievements of not only the Balkh Governor but that of the National Unity Government as a whole.
On the other hand, it should not be neglected that Mr. Ata Mohammad Noor is the chief executive of Jamiat-e Islami Party and this party is one of the main founding pillars of the National Unity Government based on the agreement of which any unilateral decision lacking the consent of the other party, shall result in the disturbance of the composition and will breach terms of participation and shall consequently undermine the legitimacy of the National Unity Government.
The office of the President must understand that Jamiat-e Islami Party is scrutinizing every instance of breach of NUG agreement by the Palace and the party is now in position to defend the rights of the people of Afghanistan with determination.
Jamiat-e Islami Party, while insisting on security, stability and partnership in order to ensure the public interests, shall not tolerate the rights of the people being trampled despite all the commitments that have been made.
From the very outset, Jamiat-e Islami put forward reasonable and realistic terms regarding the Balkh Governor, but the Palace party instead of understanding and seeking a reasonable settlement of the issue, took the path of rancorous belligerence and adventurism which is by no means acceptable to the Jamiat-e-Islami and the President shall bear all the responsibilities of the adverse consequences thereof.
If the Palace failed to reconsider their monopolistic action which is being made by misusing the presence of the international community, the Jamiat-e-Islamic shall reject the decision of the President regarding the Balkh governor which is in contravention to the NUG terms of agreement, and shall find their selves duty-bound to defend the inalienable rights of the Afghan people by every means.
Jamiat-e Islami Leadership Council,
Kabul, December 20, 2017

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