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Ta-liban Call us Devils, Liars and Corrupt: Journalists in Takhar

Did Press: journalists of private media outlets in Takhar province say the officials of the Taliban’s Ministry of virtue and vice insulted, humiliated, and expelled them from a news conference they were invited to cover.

A press conference was held on Tuesday 13 September at the office of the Taliban governor in Takhar, where journalists were also invited to cover it, but officials of the Taliban’s ministry of virtue and vice insulted, humiliated, and expelled them.

These journalists claim that the Taliban threatened them with death, calling them “devils, liars, and corrupt”.
According to the reporters, the Ta-liban officials only allowed the reporters of the National TV and Bakhtar news agency to cover their meeting.
Journalists of private media outlets in Takhar criticized the Taliban’s approach, saying they violated the right to access information.

Following the Taliban takeover, significant restrictions and limitations were imposed on the media and journalists, dozens of media outlets ceased operations, and hundreds of journalists lost their jobs.
The Taliban claim that issues related to media and journalists will be resolved through the media commission, but this is the Ministry of virtue and vice that is in charge of dealing with media and journalists.

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