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Taliban takeovers a village and several police stations in Faryab

A strategic area in “Belcheragh” district of Faryab province was captured by armed Taliban, security officials and representatives of the people in provincial council of the province reported. They say that if the government does not pay serious attention to retake the area, Belcheragh district will be under severe threat.
According to (DID) news agency report, several days ago, Taliban attacked “Aq-Belaq” area of Belcheragh district, which it borders with Darzab, Dasht-e-Laili and Pashtunkot districts of Jawzjan and eventually, took the control of “Aq Belaq” strategic area at 9:00, last night. Security forces have also suffered casualties.
A security source who asked to remain anonymous told (DID) news agency that public uprising and police forces have retreated.
It is said that Muhammad Aman, a headman of the public uprising and a police, named Abdulhamid were killed and 4 others wounded. One ranger (car) and a PK machine gun of security forces were burnt, too.
“As a result of clashes, Taliban took the control of 3 national police’s stations and 6 security stations belong to the public uprising.” The security source added.
He said that the exact number of Taliban’s casualties are unclear, but 10 Taliban members were killed and wounded in clashes between security forces and the Taliban.
Meanwhile, Sebghatullah Saylab, Faryab provincial council member confirms that “Aq Belaq” was captured by Taliban due to government inattention and lack of supplying the local forces.
The provincial council member warned that if the government does not act to retake the area, Taliban will create a lot of problems in Bilcheragh and Pashtunkot districts.
On the other hand, security officials in Faryab say that clashes between security forces and Taliban are severely ongoing in Bilcheragh district.

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