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Taliban won’t make Peace until being Defeated in War: Mohib

NSA Hamdullah Mohib discussed withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, capabilities of ANDSF, preparations for peace and defending the country as well as the failure of the Taliban in advancing peace.
Mr Mohib in an interview with BBC stressed that the Taliban would not make peace until they would be defeated in the battlefield.
“We are doing everything we can to give peace a chance. We are looking forward to see if the Taliban willing to make compromising, be realistic about what their role in the future of Afghanistan could be. But if they continue to insist that we surrender the Afghan people to them. Then, we have a defensive plan that will protect the people and our country,” he said.

NSA added that he thinks war and peace go together, and the Taliban will never make peace with the Afghan people in earnest if they do not believe that they can be defeated in the war.
“So, what they are doing right now is buying time because they don’t believe in our capabilities. They think that perhaps that once the Americans are gone, the Afghan security forces will collapse. The government will not be able to sustain itself,” he said, underlining that “they (Taliban) still do not believe that the operations are being conducted by the ANDSF. They claim that the Americans must be helping us. I have news for them, unfortunately, this is not true”.

On US election and its impact on Afghanistan, Mr Mohib said: “they (Americans) all believe that it is time for their troops to go back to US, so, whichever the administration comes, I think that will be the policy. What will differ is on the approach”.
“If we are not able to secure and save Afghanistan from a civil war, then, that would be a big load on my mind that I think it would be very hard to live with. The threat of a civil war is very likely, but we are doing what we can to mitigate it,” he continued.
Afghan NSA also called on the Taliban to negotiate in good will.

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