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The Grapes of Wrath in Kandahar

The so-called NUG has violated the constitution and laws in many cases. The participants of the gathering strongly object government officials violating the laws and warn the government to put an end to these violations.

All past political eyes were stared at Kandahar province. The raging commanders and all anti-government prominent figures from Junbish-e Roshnayee to Zahir Qadir and Mehwar-e Milli, including former government authorities, and current dissatisfied officials gathered in Kandahar province. Many wanted to attend this gathering, many did not arrive and many were thwarted. All anti-government political oppositions gathered in Kandahar province. An unofficial Loya Jirga at a city full of historical destiny-making events. The government with all means to prevent it, was scared. The two leaders of the national unity government were abroad. Many smaller Loya Jirga had revolutionary in the absence of the leaders. But these grapes of wrath did not beer fruit in Kandahar province. But only a repetition of threats were the result of Kandahar resolution.

Four years have been passed since the formation of the unity government, while this administration was imposed on Afghan people when electoral frauds pushed the country to a collapsing platform, and this administration was forcefully accepted based on the promises of the national unity government (NUG) and bringing reforms.
The widespread electoral frauds, ethnic discriminations during the election, the crisis of the past election, getting the preparation to declare separate governments and destabilizing Afghanistan were the issues that put the Afghan people on two ways; they (people) had to choose the probable perilous crisis or NUG.

The people expected from the NUG to fulfill its commitments made to the people and to be honest carrying out their obligations, but alas! From the very beginning the NUG started to bold ethnic issues, politicizing the fight against corruption, suppressing civil justice movements and political gatherings, politicizing the security and defense institutions of the country, the lack of political will to complete the cabinet and paying attention to national council decisions, issuing arbitrary verdicts contrary to the constitution and continuing the successor posts, are the cases that indicate the government take a tyranny approach, disrupting power separation and institutionalizing dictatorship.

On the other hand, based on below reasons, the government failed to meet the demands of Afghan people:
1- The government failed to protect Afghan citizens as all parts of the country are insecure and not safe.
2- The government does not have an honest political will to bring lasting peace and has a project approach to peace processes.
3- Economic problems, poverty, unemployment, capital flight, immigration all show the government failed to provide social welfare.
4- The government trampled the separation of power, heavily involved with political differences at the level of government leadership and monopolizing power in a specific circle.

5- The government does not have a genuine political will to hold a transparent and fair presidential and parliamentary elections, attempting to engineer the process to institutionalize electoral fraud and repeating the failed experience of 2014 election.

Considering the above issues, today [Saturday] a number of political movements, political parties, and representatives of the people in Wolsi Jirga attended this gathering in Kandahar province for consultation and finding a solution, and after analyzing and evaluating the current situation of the country at different levels, they have concluded that:
1- It is impossible to institutionalize democracy without bringing transparency in the electoral process. We believe the current commissions are not capable of holding a transparent, free, and fair election. Because the NUG is interfering in the electoral process and determines specific persons through the selection committee as commissioner, while we want the appointment of independent commissioners in consultation with the opposition and political movements of the country. If the government does not give a positive response to us within next two months or does not open the doors of dialogue, then, the participants of this great popular gathering will organize major civil movements against the government across the country.

2- It has been three years that the government has delayed holding the parliamentary election and wastes the time. The participants of today event are calling for holding the parliamentary election in the summer of 1397 (solar year) and the presidential election in the spring of 1398 (solar year).
3- The so-called NUG has violated the constitution and laws in many cases. The participants of the gathering strongly object government officials violating the laws and warn the government to put an end to these violations, otherwise, they [government] will face severe reactions of the people across the country.

4- The participants of the gathering emphasize on the unity, solidarity, and union among the citizens and ethnics of Afghanistan, and warns the government to prevent dividing Afghan people in the name of race, language, and ethnic prejudice. If the NUG continues ethnic issues and tribal prejudices, undoubtedly, the Afghan people will give an answer to this action of the government.

5- The Afghan people appreciate the bravery and sacrifice of the country’s defense and security forces, and call on equipping the forces with modern facilities. Because the people want peace, while peace and security are long-standing demands and our people’s priorities. Unfortunately, the government, Taliban, and the International Community do not have any particular program to institutionalize fair peace across Afghanistan. Afghans call on the government and International Community to have a clear and specific strategy to bring peace in the country.

Finally, we as citizens of this territory are aware of the “strategic silence” of the government, and simultaneously strongly opposed to the government’s accountability in relation to protests, civil and legal demands; again, we ask from the government to give a positive response to the above issues as soon as possible and to work to fulfill these demands.

The resolution of government’s oppositions at Kandahar gathering
Translated by Taher Mojab

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