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U.S strategy failed in Afghanistan: Zamir Kabulov

“The United States’ plan has failed in Afghanistan,” The Russian special representative for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov said.
Now, the American goal revealed and Afghanistan is a “colonial” country for the U.S, the Russian special representative for Afghanistan said in an interview with Izvestia newspaper.
“The U.S authorities’ plans remind the reconstruction of east India,” he added.
Meanwhile, the White-house decided to put an enormous amount of America’s activity in Afghanistan on a private military company, U.S.A Today quoted from Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater – a private military company – and now the strategy is under serious scrutiny.
“U.S policy in Afghanistan reminds the colonialism policy. Eric Prince proposed the reconstruction of east India. Now America’s goal in Afghanistan is revealed,” Kabulov said.
The Russian envoy also said that changing U.S main troops with private military forces is not purposeful. Kabulov said that American strategy failed in Afghanistan and added, Moscow considers the presence of U.S troops in Afghanistan uncertain.
The U.S decision to privatize Afghan war has raised criticism inside the country.

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