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Afghan aligned political streams on 2nd UN meeting in Qatar:

UN Special Envoy Appointment should be based on Free will of Afghanistan People, Creating Citizen-centered Political Order

DID press agency: Afghanistan’s aligned political streams, in response to the second Doha meeting and the failure to invite effective political currents, said that “any attempt to restore the status quo is nothing but a waste of time, causing more damage to the Afghanistan’s people, more costs for the international community, and erasing the issue instead of solving it.”

Afghanistan’s aligned political streams reacted to the second Doha meeting which was held without the presence of these streams and non-participation of the Taliban, stressing that it is not possible to solve the Afghanistan crisis without engaging with effective and involved political parties.

“This meeting was held on the basis of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2721 in order to find a solution for the Afghanistan crisis with a special focus on the issue of curbing terrorism and the interaction of the Taliban with the world. In the aforementioned resolution, human rights issues, absolute and relative poverty, gender and ethnic apartheid, forced migration, and the hostage-taking of the fate of the Afghanistan’s people by a group opposed to all human values and human rights were considered as marginal issues. The Doha meeting also proceeded mainly on the same basis, and there was no outcome in which the roots of the crisis in Afghanistan were addressed,” read the statement.

According to the political streams, the main issue of Afghanistan is the return of the right to self-determination and the human rights of the people of Afghanistan that have been usurped.

“As long as this issue is not in the spotlight, any attempt to restore the status quo is nothing but a waste of time, causing more damage to the Afghanistan’s people, more costs for the international community, and erasing the issue instead of solving it.

The United Nations should note that solving Afghanistan’s crisis depends on constructive interaction with all parties involved in Afghanistan’s affairs,” stressed the statement.

The statement also mentioned the demands of all sides of the conflict and effective political currents in Afghanistan issue to restore the status quo, adding that such call is the most optimistic thing imaginable.

Referring to the appointment of UN special representative on Afghanistan, the aligned political streams expressed their support, saying “we believe that the success of the representative in solving the crisis depends on consultation and consultation with all influential political parties and the civil society of Afghanistan, ensuring The special representative’s nobility and awareness of the root of existing problems, realities and sensitivities, especially the ethnic, religious and gender diversity in Afghanistan and the special representative’s belief in the principle of democracy and human rights, and we emphasize it. In addition, the appointment of a special representative should be done with the aim of creating a citizen-centered political order based on the free will of Afghanistan’s people, and should preferably be chosen from among the citizens of countries that, in addition to familiarity with Afghanistan, believe in the principle of neutrality during the mission and act independently in the implementation of affairs.”

The names of the parallel streams according to the alphabet:

Afghanistan Liberation Front

A number of Afghanistan women’s protest movements

Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan

Afghanistan People’s Empathy Party

National Temperance Council

The National Resistance Council includes parties and currents:

– The Islamic Party of Afghanistan

– Jamiat Islamic Party of Afghanistan

– National Islamic Movement Party of Afghanistan

– Islamic Da’wa Party of Afghanistan

– The Islamic Unity Party of the People of Afghanistan

– Justice and Freedom Party of Afghanistan

– National Resistance Front of Afghanistan

– East Great Council

– Kandahar Great Council

– Northern Great Council

– The process of protecting the values of jihad and resistance of Afghanistan’s people.

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