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Violence is Not Political Solution: President Ghani

President Ashraf Ghani says that violence is not a political solution and as violence escalates, so does the rightfulness of the republic system.

Delivering remarks at a workshop on 2020 Geneva conference follow-ups and implementation of commitments on Thursday, President Ghani said that Afghan defence and security forces are not the only guarantors of Afghanistan’s freedom, but are fighting to save the world from terrorism.
“Today, everyone understands that our security forces are playing a key role in the fight against international terrorism and criminal networks,” he said. “Violence is not a political solution. The political solution requires a comprehensive agreement in which Afghanistan is independent, democratic, and has national unity, with every Afghan woman, man, child, and youth claiming ownership of this land,” he added.

The President continued that there is a clear need for positive pressures on the Taliban and their supporters which has been felt like a regional and international necessity.
According to him, while large-scale regional projects are being implemented daily in the country, the consensus to establish Afghanistan as a regional crossroads is also accelerating day by day.

“Planning for change in the country should be based on the patterns of the Far East because the economy of this region is based on the same components which are functional in Afghanistan as well,” President Ghani stressed.
The President, however, described the fight against corruption, explicitness in projects, determination in programs, and the government’s promptitude to continue global cooperation as a clear necessity for Afghanistan.

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