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Way Map of KProcess-2; From Consensus on Peace to Scoring Taliban

The declaration of Kabul process-2 framework, issued by the government has emphasized on achieving lasting peace, saying all segments of society demand security and peace.

The declaration of Kabul process-2 framework, issued by the government has emphasized on achieving lasting peace, saying all segments of society demand security and peace.
On the other hand, the document has given the Taliban bonuses that were not before, but the government stressed the issue approved after consultation with elders, representatives of various segments of the community and women. We need to reach peace through a national consensus.
Many issues have been written in the document for talks with armed oppositions, specially the Taliban for a lasting peace.

We propose this without any preconditions for reaching a peace agreement which includes the following:

1) Constitutional rights and obligations of all citizens (especially women) are ensured.
2) Accepting the constitution or amendments proposed through the constitutional provisions.
3) Advancing defense and security forces and civil service function according to law.
4) No armed groups with ties to transnational terrorist networks and transnational criminal organizations, or with state/non-state actors seeking influence in Afghanistan, are allowed.

In order to move on to sustainable peace, we propose the following as a government’s readiness to achieve peace: We offer the following steps for reconciliation:
1. A political process: ceasefire, recognition as a political party, transitional confidence-building arrangements, and inclusive, credible, free and fair elections.
2. A legal framework: constitutional review, justice, and resolution of grievances, enabling laws or decrees, prisoner release and removal from sanctions lists.
3. Reorganization of the state: rule of law and reform, balanced spatial development, reintegration of refugees and internally displaced populations.
4. Security: for the population, as well as for those being reconciled – who are reintegrating.
5. Economic/social development: inclusive and sustained growth, equitable access to land and public assets, fighting corruption, national job creation programs, reintegration of refugees, and ex-combatants.
6. International community support and partnership: diplomatic financial support, the status of foreign fighters and removal from sanctions.
7. Adaptive methods, specifying urgent, short and medium-term goals and monitoring and verifying mechanisms and arrangements.

The other part of the document asked the Taliban to express their suggestions about peace talks and act as a political party.
Special points have been given to Taliban and the leadership of this group for peace talks that includes issuing passports, freedom of travel, access to media, removal of sanctions and transferring their families.
1. Coordinated international diplomatic support for the peace offer to the Taliban.
2. A regional initiative to align various efforts by countries or regional organizations with the Kabul Process and support the peace offer to the Taliban.
3. An intense dialogue led by the global Islamic community to counter the use of interpretations of religious texts as justification of undefined war.
4. A concerted global effort to persuade Pakistan of the advantages of a stable Afghanistan, to engage in a comprehensive state to state dialogue with Afghanistan and to support the peace offer to the Taliban.
5. To support the implementation of the peace agreement, especially the reintegration of refugees and ex-combatants.
6. To support peace-building initiatives in Afghanistan through supporting transit, trade, and investment, the reform and anti-corruption strategy of the government, and the forthcoming 2018 parliamentary and 2019 presidential elections.

It is worth mentioning that the end of this document emphasized on involvement of women and Pakistan and their impact on peace process.

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