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We Breaks our promises: Abdullah

Afghan chief executive officer Dr. Abdullah Abdullah says he has failed to do enough for Afghan people and that the national unity government could not fulfill its commitments.
Although Mr. Abdullah mentioned the achievements of the government in the past three years, but says: “what was people’s rights and what leaders of the government committed was not fulfilled.”

The chief executive of the government who was speaking among the women and children gathering in capital Kabul, stressed the current status of women should change and women should be more involved in governance and trade issues.
He considers the role of women inadequate in the fields of politics and making important decisions.
“We are all responsible to change the situation in various fields. To build a solid foundation for a sustainable future, Afghanistan needs our commitments. The government should have the courage to admit it had failed to do enough for the people and that it had failed to fulfill its commitments.” Abdullah said.

This comes as a number of institutions, including Afghan’s women network accuse the government of neglecting and failing to do its promises.
Zarqa Yaftali, the head of women and children’s rights research institutions said at the meeting that the presence of women in a governmental structure in making decisions and at the high peace council as symbolic, calling on the presidency to give women more opportunities.

The government considers the 27 percent of women’s presence at the national assembly, the presence of two women in cabinet, 9 deputies at the ministries, 12 women at high peace council and also picking four women as ambassadors, part of its commitments and enhancing their abilities.

Meanwhile, Akram, Khpalwak, chief of high peace council (HPC) secretariat considers the presence of women at HPC enough, adding HPC leadership is obliged to take women’s presence serious at the council.
On the other hand, Fatana Hasanzada, a media activist in an interview with DID press agency says: “the national unity government should give businesswomen opportunities to economically become self-sufficient.
“The presence of women at the government should not be limited to a few seats but national and international commitments to strengthen women should be implemented,” said Nilofar Ibrahimi, an MP, while asking the government to end the symbolic role of women at governmental bodies.

According to the state department, 170 representatives from the private sector is scheduled to attend “RECCA” summit next week in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, focusing on the greater role of women in governmental structures.

Akhtar Suhail – (DID) news agency
Translated by Taher Mojab

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