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We Want Permanent Truce, Achievements must be Maintained: Abdullah

The head of Afghan HCNR Abdullah Abdullah said in Doha that the Afghan government wants a permanent ceasefire, the achievements of the last 19 years – as national values – must be preserved and that going back to the past is not be acceptable to the people.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the intra-Afghan negotiations, the chairman of HCNR said that “we have a responsibility to maintain and strengthen our important national institutions, including the Afghan Security and Defense Forces, which have been established over the past 19 years.”
“We must pay attention to the failures and bad choices with their tragic consequences and should prevent going this way with all our might and price. Not only the people of Afghanistan but also our benevolent friends around the world expect us to put an end to violence, to agree on a permanent ceasefire as soon as possible and to agree on a comprehensive agenda so that joint negotiations can lead to peace acceptable to all,” Mr Abdullah said.

The head of HCNR thanked the Taliban for attending the talks with the Afghan government and stressed that the two sides could reach an understanding by listen to each other and reach a comprehensive agreement.
“I am confident that we can talk to each other, listen to each other, argue about our views and positions, and continue to respect each other’s differences and visions,”

Abdullah recalled the changes that have taken place in Afghan society over the past 20 years and stressed that a return to the past is not acceptable to the Afghan people.
“In recent years, many changes have taken place in people’s lives. Going back to the past is no longer acceptable to the people of Afghanistan,” he stressed.

Counting the steps and sacrifices that the Afghan political system has paid for peace, he described the recent achievements of the country as important for a peaceful future.
“Issues such as the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, democracy, elections, freedom of expression, women’s rights, minority rights, the rule of law, civil rights and human rights are among the great achievements of the Afghan people,” he underlined.
However, it remains to be seen what the outcome of the Afghan talks will be, but all Afghans want a ceasefire between the warring parties.

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