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What was going on in Nangarhar?

News came in the last two years that:
First: Daesh (ISIS) is a false name and it is a cover for extremist militias made by Pakistan, from “Orakzai” and “Momand agency” with the aim to create sectarian warfare in Afghanistan.
Second: ISIS does not accept local marriage and asked all to resume their marriage, according to their laws.
Third: ISIS had forced all the people of “Kot” and many parts of “Achin” districts to migrate that these helpless people are living in an unsuitable and shocking state in Jalalabad.
Fourth: Daesh beheaded dozens of young people there and posted their videos on social networks, in order to create an atmosphere of fear.
Fifth: ISIS were teaching dozens of children, the skills of killing and beheading in special places and had banned them from school.
Sixth: ISIS does not believe in the name of Afghanistan and actually had named the areas under their control, Khorasan.
Seventh: Daesh were torturing, humiliating and even killing the elders and tribal influential men, contrary to all Afghan customs and traditions.
Eighth: ISIS had a reliable base of supply and equipment in Pakistan and had not done any operation in Pakistan and will not do.
Ninth: this fake ISIS had taken the responsibility for the massacre of Junbish-e-Roshanayee, Baqir-ul Olum school, and 400-bed hospital.
Tenth: areas under the control of these predatory humanoids were not in the hands of the government and the nation of Afghanistan, actually a small country in the name of Khorasan was created.

I wholeheartedly welcome the use of “mother of bombs” on them, considering the above facts and believe that all power should be used against the enemy. Decisiveness guarantees the victory. Those who think they represent the nation and the honor privacy of the nation, I wish they had traveled to Kot and Achin districts once, even if for a symbolic demonstration; the area that was bombed is empty and mountainous. No foreign invasion damaged the dignity of Afghanistan that the fake Taliban and Daesh (ISIS) have harmed it. To defeat these stigma spots from the lap of the country, we should not be ashamed of getting help from outside world and our foreign allies. The intellectual and logistical backrest of those who oppose the Afghan security forces are in Rawalpindi and Waziristan. So those who oppose these forces, are willingly or unwillingly in the lap of the enemy.

Writer: Amrullah Saleh, former chief of national security

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