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Why is Abdullah Not able to defend Tajiks’ right?

The bargains on how to divide governmental organs between the two teams have begun, after the formation of national unity government and the division of fifty-fifty powers between president Ghani and Dr. Abdullah, and the establishment of the executive directorate body.
Although, president Ghani was declared the winner of the 1393 (2014) election by the election commission but with the protests and the strong insistence of Islahat and Hamgarayee’s fans on widespread corruption in the election, the country’s status became critical, and finally, with the interference of the former U.S Secretary of State John Kerry, the agreement of forming national unity government was signed between Dr. Abdullah and Mr. Ghani.
Gradually, the incompetence and the lack of political authority of the executive directorate in major political interactions with the other side (ARG) revealed and the supporters of Islahat and Hamgarayee team found out that material and intellectual investments on Dr. Abdullah are futile.
Ata Mohammad Noor and in general the leadership of Hezb-e Jamiat Islami as the reputable supporter of Islahat and Hamgarayee team negotiated with the president and took the responsibility of negotiation between Islahat and Hamgarayee team and ARG, due to the incompetence, inability, and the political courage of Dr. Abdullah in the face of the rival team. Finally, with the effort of Mr. Noor, ARG was made to pay the rights of Islahat and Hamgarayee supporters.
In an agreement between ARG and Ata M. Noor, the independent directorate of local organs along with other governmental entities was also assigned to Islahat and Hamgarayee team, but recently, the news that Matin Beg has been appointed as the head of independent local organs has leaked.
Dr. Abdullah achieved the most vote from among Tajiks, in fact, he was the Tajik nominee in the presidential election, but he never succeeded in defending the rights of this great nation and to fulfill his duty.
When Balkh governor entered the conversation with ARG, Mr. Abdullah came up with the excuse that he had been pushed aside and Mr. Noor arbitrarily negotiated with ARG and the legal prestige of executive directorate has been questioned.
But now that there is a great interference between Mr. Ghani and Mr. Noor, the ground is empty for Mr. Abdullah and that has no rival inside the Hezb either, why is he silent and does not raise a voice against ARG’s monopolism.
It seems that Mr. Abdullah is somewhat devoted to Sepidar Palace, ARG’s hollow promises and attending the ceremonial parties, forgetting his mission and what Tajik people have on him.
We respect all country’s noble ethnics, and we continue to believe that appointing individuals in governmental entities should be based on merit and expertise, not on ethnicity, religion, and language, but when the issue of dividing power and the participation of ethnics is in the midst of it, then in taking the right of that ethnic there is a lot of expectations from the one who represents it.
Dr. Abdullah has now become a ritual figure and a political doll by the presidency and the Tajik people should look for another representative in the establishment.

Zaher Shokoohmand – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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