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Your Decisions have Impacts on our Aids/ Best Solution is Political Engagement: Pompeo

US secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at the opening ceremony of intra-Afghan negotiations in Qatar that today is a historic day and the best solution is the political interaction.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on Saturday, Mike Pompeo said that the best solution is the political engagement and that the US will not impose its intended system.
“Today is a historic day, and Afghans have been able to enter into dialogue,” he said.

Pompeo told the audience that you will write the next chapter in Afghan history, we help this chapter as one of reconciliation and progress, not another chronicle of tears and bloodshed.
“These historic negotiations should produce a political arrangement that accommodates competing views and rejects the use of violence to achieve political aims,” Pompeo added.

“I urge you to preserve and build upon the advancement, the social, economic and political gains that Afghanistan has achieved in the past 20 years,”
The intra-Afghan talks began Saturday in Doha with the participation and remarks of the representatives of countries in the world and region.

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