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11,000 U.S Armored Vehicles on Way to Afghanistan!

More than 11,000 American armored vehicles will be sent to Afghanistan over next 6 years.
U.S administration signed a $ 2,2 billion deal with General Motors for the construction of 11,065 military vehicles for the Afghan security and defense forces.
According to the contract, the firm will deliver the armored vehicles by 2023.
It is worth mentioning that last year, this American firm had signed a $ 356 million deal for the construction of 1673 armored vehicle (Humvee) with the U.S government.
Meanwhile, last week, American defense ministry signed a contract worth $ 727 million with the major weapon companies to purchase military helicopters and warplanes for the Afghan air forces.
The decision to increase troops and combat equipment in Afghanistan is made after U.S President Donald Trump insisted to send more military equipment to Afghanistan in his new strategy.

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