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Afghan-German commercial, cultural office opened in Balkh

A joint commercial-cultural office between Afghanistan and Germany began its activity, aimed at modeling energy development and expanding business and economic relations between the two countries in Mazar-e Sharif.
According to DID news agency report, the district section of the mentioned office began its work at Kabul’s central office in May, this year, and now in Mazar-e Sharif.

“The purpose of establishing this office is to take advantage of Germany’s experiences in developing energy and expanding business relations, as well as investment and supplying machinery needed for manufacturing factories in Afghanistan.” head of the office Elias Omar, said.
“Currently, Afghan produced goods have a low quality, and more work should be done on these goods to enter the European market,” Mr. Omar added.
On the other hand, chairman of the Balkh chamber of commerce and industries Arash Younosi, said: “German traders and investors are interested in participating in major reconstruction projects in Afghanistan.”

“It is scheduled that the city of Hesem, one of the five industrial cities in Germany, is set to build bilateral economic relations with Mazar-e Sharif.” He added.
“A number of factories processing dry fruit in Balkh province have been established with international standards so far, and the cooperation of the office makes all Afghan manufactured products equal to international standards.” Mr. Younosi said.
There are more than 400 small and large factories in Balkh province, where most of these factories are facing bankruptcy due to economic problems and a lack of sales markets.

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