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Are U.S Policies Effective on Afghanistan?

A group of American senators headed by “John McCain” arrived in Kabul amid boost of political and security tensions in the country to manage the situation in favor of ARG’s team, as people rush in streets to protest against the current status on the one hand and formation of “Itelaf-e Nejat” on the other.
But the question which shaped in people’s mind, putting them in confusion is that the United States seeks to deal and revive which government in Afghanistan and that the American senators brought the commitment message of the U.S – continuing cooperation – to which government.

America – a country which claims to have the biggest democracy in the world and has always insisted that it will not interact with corrupt and dictatorial governments.
Now that the U.S senators expressed the White-house’s message – the long-term cooperation of the United States with the national unity government – one sees that the leaders of national unity government are compatible with which criteria of Washington.
The national unity government has not had any achievements in the fields of consolidating the foundations of democracy, fighting the corruption, bringing people closer to the government and suppressing anti-government oppositions since its establishments.
On the contrary, some circles inside ARG are accused of transferring war from south to north of the country, the spread of Daesh to the borders of Central Asian countries and planning organized explosive attacks in different parts of the country.
Drug cultivation reached its peak from zero percent in a number of provinces in the same government at the time of Hamid Karzai. Corruption in the security organs brought people to the streets and shooting bullets on people by the security forces has made the government more distant.

The National unity government has no place among the people nor among the powerful political parties, due to having unilateral policies, but resembles foams on the water which looks powerful from outside and floats on the water that does not weigh itself.
The United States should understand that any account it opened on this government was improper and if the White-house approach on the establishment does not change, the confidence of Afghan people about the honesty of America with Afghans will be destroyed.
The United States wants to interact with a government that it does not have a public base and its leaders are creditless among the people. Therefore, instead of strengthening this government, America should push it out of dictatorial politics and make it bring effective and constructive reforms.

Zaher Shokohmand – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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