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ARG-Etilaf-e Nejat political gambling!

After a number of government-political figures launched a political movement called “Etilaf-e Nejat” in Turkey, and the presidential palace (ARG) begun new and complicated games. Now this question arises that which one will be the ultimate winner at the political and government ground in the country.
The two sides are now struggling in full force and trying to make other to retreat and surrender. On the one hand, heads of ARG’s think tank shocked and try to halt the progress of their political opponents and on the other hand, coalition leaders, who have a strong people base in Afghanistan, seem resolute than yesterday and stress on “reform” in the government.

The attempt that ARG used to collapse the coalition and sending Masoom Stanekzai to Turkey to politically allure general was futile and was rejected. Similarly, many political-ethnic leaders in Afghanistan have made their way toward the coalition and did not want to watch the situation anymore which greatly harms the people and the country.
The formation of a coalition of influential men and politicians of Loy-Paktiya and Loy-Qandahar indicates that dissatisfaction from the government and the inefficiency, is not a linguistic and ethnic demand but a common pain that everyone has been tired of it.

On the other hand, the coalition’s stances also show that they coordinately and purposefully seek to change the current untidy status.
ARG is now in turmoil. The formation of Etilaf-e Nejat which is consists of powerful political figures, set the playing card at the harms of the government.
The presidential palace (ARG) could continue to survive as long as a strong political power movement had not risen against it and ARG was a backyard for a particular circle that had monopolized political power. Alliance and alignment of Ata M. Noor, general Dostum, Mohammad Mohaqiq and a number of other political figures dissatisfied from the president, and also claiming the existence of “Mehwar-e Mardum-e Afghanistan” coalition are certainly two serious obstacles against ARG that have tightened the pressure circle on the government more than before. Mr. Ghani has now realized that neither there is a “competent” head in the government nor a first person in the country who has a popular position … those who are around him have become more panic and have just found that they have been severely greedy in the process of governance, and have provided discomfort for the first person.

This situation has put the government and Etilaf-e Nejat at the stage of a political gambling, that one eventually dominates the other, but it seems that Ghani and those around him will be the winner; as people are trying to be saved from the current situation and Etilaf-e Nejat has provided this for them.

Mohammad Amin – (DID) press agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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