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ARG & Taliban

You (president) was talking about negotiations until the other day and created the “High Peace Council” in this regard, but in the middle of the day.

1- The Afghan ARG leaders are not politicians but greedy “opportunists” without a guideline. The presidential press secretary Shah Hussain Mortazavi, who is a well-written literary journalist, not a politician, is the best person to convey Ashraf Ghani’s empty thoughts to the people. His today’s masterpiece is “the group’s militants have practically crossed the red line with recent suicide attacks.” Let’s not forget that there is a lot of differences between a militant and a terrorist, and a school child knows the differences. We discovered that Taliban had not actually crossed the red line so far and did it with recent terror attacks. Is not this an insult to martyrs of Rastakhiz movement, the thousands of victims of terrorist attacks in Kabul and provinces and thousands of members of the security forces who were killed by bullets and bombs of Taliban?

2- Ashraf Ghani addressed Taliban on Monday, saying: “they claimed responsibility for Kabul terror attacks as their bosses ordered them.” Again, aside from telling Mr. Ghani that in your opinion, Taliban unjustly took the responsibility of the attacks, you can say, what did you do [Mr. President]? You (president) was talking about negotiation until the other day and created the “High Peace Council” in this regard, but in the middle of the day, when your boss (Trump) said, no talks with Taliban, you vowed a high-sounding declaration “we achieve peace in the battlefield.” Anyone can choose a boss, but the people do not want a boss. The people do not want a foreign country to meet their fate, no matter it is Pakistan or America or another country.

Moreover, you (president) does not even have the ability to read the words of another crazy one. Trump said: “I don’t think we are prepared to talk right now. They are killing people left and right.” But he added, “maybe we will negotiate in the future.” Even Trump has a little wisdom not to completely close all gates.

On the other hand, which common sense judges to negotiate in such situation; Is a submitted signature has conditions, a formal or practical ceasefire is being implemented, and the preparations for the negotiations are secretly prepared. When the status is relatively calm, negotiations begin. It is always the same. But you imagine the Afghan people politically void of culture like yourself and express what you want.
From the Facebook page of Dr. Karim Pakzad
Translated by Taher Mojab

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