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Ata Mohammad Noor Elected as Chairman of Jamiat-e Islami Party

Ata Mohammad Noor became the chairman of Jamiat-e Islami Party by securing 65 votes out of 75 during an inter-party competition held on Thursday, leaving behind his two rivals Hafiz Mansour and Qadria Yazdanparast.

After long consultations, Kalimullah Naqibi, the deputy head of Jamiat-e Islami, announced that Ata Mohammad Noor was elected as the chairman to lead the party.
Mr Noor won 65 out of 75 votes of Jamiat-e Islami members after competing with Hafiz Mansour and Qadria Yazdanparast.
Hafiz Mansour and Qadria Yazdanparast secured 7 and 3 votes respectively.

DID Press Agency journalist Rasoul Shahzad reported that members of Jamiat-e Islami have been consulting behind closed doors for hours.
“Ata Mohammad Noor, who is also the chief executive of Jamiat-e-Islami, has more dominance among the party members and the outcome of the elections was predictable,” he said.

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