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“Blackwater” or machine killer to enter Afghanistan

Sixteen years have passed since the presence of international forces headed by America and the United Nations in Afghanistan; nevertheless, there is no peace nor security. The philosophy presence of the U.S and its allies in Afghanistan, was to bring peace and security. Afghanistan, a country that experienced more than three decades insecurity before that and had lost all of its economic and military infrastructures during that time. Now, is more helpless than before, with closed hand and feet, hopelessly waiting for a savior to save it from the trap of horror, blood, and insanity and lay it down on the platform of rest and tranquility; but despite all the abundant capabilities of the foreign forces and their long-standing presence in Afghanistan, nothing gained but the sovereignty of “war” and “bang” and “gun.” The nation, sees their ambition in the wind and furthermore, fearfully hear the arrival of “blackwater” which is known as “machine killers” in the media.
Blackwater is the name of a private company in America led by “Erik Prince” that carries out security services and its members are war mercenaries whose purpose is to kill those who must be killed for the sake of money. It is not unrelated that the company is named as “machine killers” too. The company’s advertising logo, is also the footprint of a wild animal in black, with a red gun targeting mark, on that.

According to some reports, Erik Prince forwarded his plan in WSTJ’s article the first time in May and on the basis of his plan, 5,500 military men replace U.S troops and Special Forces that will take the responsibility of training Afghan forces and also assist in the fight against Taliban. Furthermore, 90 air crafts will back these forces during the destiny-making mission. It is said that the annual cost of U.S forces in Afghanistan is $ 60 million, which Blackwater firm has estimated at half cost, $ 30 million. According to Prince’s plan, the mercenary forces will wear the Afghan military uniform and carry out their duties on the basis of Afghanistan laws. Sebastian Gurka, deputy assistant of Trump for national security, quoted from Eastern News agency, saying: “they go to Afghanistan to help the Afghans, to assist Afghan forces defend their territory well; not to fight instead of other people, as a result, the investment reduce the cost. We have opened doors in the White-House to the ideas of people outside the government, because the past 16 years has been catastrophic.”

Blackwater’s footprint in Afghanistan, first seen after the September 11th, 2001. After the tragedy, the company entered Afghanistan with a $ 5.4 million contracts to secure the “CIA” headquarter in Kabul. Since then, this “most powerful military firm in the world” is one of the strongest arms and the largest allies of the U.S war against other countries. As the company, is one of the most hideous and equipped hired personnel in the world, there are speculations that, the firm could fail many NATO’s military plan in some part of the world, to gain more profit and become a world-class gaint economy in the world, in order to take the most advantage. The transfer of suspect forces with suspect helicopters in Afghanistan’s war zones, which neither the Afghan government take the responsibility nor the foreign troops, could add to the speculations that it could be “Blackwater’s agents” to defuse the success of NATO forces in Afghanistan.
However, in response to the news the Afghan government has not shown any official reaction. Although, the rumors point that pres. Ghani and Abdullah agreed with “CIA” head to hand over the war to the private security company, Blackwater; but former president of country Hamid Karzai showed a sever reaction, saying the fulfilment of Blackwater’s plan, is a clear violation of Afghanistan’s national sovereignty.

Considering the country’s dismal situation and the escalation of enemy movements in different parts of Afghanistan, as well as the political tensions between the United States and North Korea, the strategy of handing over Afghanistan’s security issues to Blackwater seems possible; but there are concerns that if this plan is implemented, what are the possible consequences? From one point of view, it can be evaluated that considering the presence of foreign forces and its consequences in Afghanistan, it does not matter to us that America directly deals with terrorists, or hands it over to a hired company such as Blackwater; what is important to our nation, is that our country will once again experience peace and tranquility after years of suffering, and to breathe and relax in an atmosphere free from any killing, violence and human rights violations.
On the other hand, there is also concerns that the hired forces themselves would violate the human rights and irreparably hurt civilians, rather than actually targeting terrorists. Therefore, if the Afghan government agrees to the above plan, must not forget this point that the civilian immunity is not at all for dealing with “Blackwater” servicemen.

Dr. Fazayili – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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