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Changes switch in MoD

Abdullah Habibi, the national defense minister, and Qadam Shah Shaheem, chief of staff resigned from their posts.
Meanwhile, Tariq Shah Bahrami, deputy interior minister for security affairs was appointed as acting national defense ministry and Gen. Sharif Yaftali was appointed as chief of staff.
On the other hand, president Ghani has confirmed the replacement and appointment proposal of 203, 205, 207, and 209 corps commanders.
The list proposed by national defense ministry to change and replace a number of military cadres of the ministry for promoting the capacity building, better implementation of the affairs, providing peace and the sovereignty of law, which was approved by president Ghani, According to ARG’s report.
The list includes the following:
• Brig. Gen. Infantry Amanullah, commander of 207th Zafar corps as commander of 209th Shaheen corps to LT. General Cadre instead of Major General Mohmand.
• Major general Mohmand, commander of 209th Shaheen corps in active caution post of personnel and general staff directorate.
• Brig. Gen. Muhammad Naser, commander of the first regiment of 203 Tundar corps as the command post of 207 Zafar corps to Lt. Gen. Cadre instead of brigadier general Amanullah.
• Brig. Gen. Emam Nazar, commander of second strike regiment as commander of 205 Atal corps to Lt. Gen. Cadre, instead of major general Dawoud Shah.
• Major Gen. Dawoud Shah, commander of 205 Atal corps replaced in active caution post of personnel and general staff directorate.
• Brig. Gen. Abdul Wase, commander of the second regiment of 203 Thunder corps as commander of 203 Thunder corps to Lt. Gen. Cadre.

Replacement and appointment, as well as the resignation of some senior security officials, are being conducted, while some provinces of the country including the capital have witnessed deadly incidents a while ago.

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