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Deadly Quake Shook Mexico

An earthquake, which is the strongest one in Mexico’s 100 years, have killed 61 people so far, while relief operations have just begun, authorities said.
After the elapse of 24 hours, massive relief operations have begun in Mexico’s southern states, when an 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck the country Friday; Tabasco, Oaxaca and Chiapas are the three states that have suffered the most damage.
Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto have also confirmed that 200 people were wounded.
National Civil Protection Coordinator, Luis Felipe Puente, confirmed on Twitter late Yesterday (8 September) that 61 people have been killed in the event.
The southern damaged states are said to be the most deprived areas of Mexico, and the actual dimensions of the earthquake have not been fully revealed yet.
Although the quake occurred in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico, its strong shocks were felt hundreds of kilometers away in Mexico City.
The earthquake recorded at 11:50 PM on Thursday night is the strongest Mexican earthquake since 1985. That earthquake destroyed large parts of Mexico City, killing thousands of people.

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