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Disobedience of Governors; Government is Not on the Brink of Collapse?

the performance of disobedient governors is in fact, a reflection of dissatisfactions and fall of the government that was engineered by the United States contrary to the constitution.

Two months after the presidency approved Ata M. Noor’s resignation which was rejected by Noor, saying it was based on conditions, now two other governors also rejected Kabul’s order.

In response to the announcement of Ata M. Noor’s resignation, Noor vowed the government does not have authority to removal him, saying he would step down only if Jamiat party’s leadership agrees and its proposals are met.
In the latest case, Samangan and Kunduz governors refused to step down.
Samangan governor vowed he will act according to the decision of Jamiat and Turkmen ethnic group, and Kunduz governor put the decision on the people of Kunduz province.
The ousted Samangan governor Abdul Karim Khaddam has said the government is formed according to a political agreement, and I will not leave my post until Jamiat-e Islami – as part of the power – take a decision.
Now, the question is that why governors dismiss the central government’s decree and move according to the tradition of Ata M. Noor. What is the reason and why the central government has lost its administration?
This article attempts to answer these questions.

Why are governors disobeying?
According to the constitution of Afghanistan, the president has the right to replace governors and introduce someone else. This is the legal right of the country’s president. But Hezb-e Jamiat-e Islami does not accept the unilateral decision of ARG palace since this is a national unity government and formed based on an agreement with Jamiat party. Jamiat vowed the national unity government has not been committed to its agreement, so it has lost its legitimacy. Since 2014 election faced with widespread fraud, Americans shared the power with Jamiat – that claimed the highest vote – to avoid entering an uncontrollable crisis and set up a fifty-fifty government under the title of “National Unity Government” to have legitimacy. But as the government is moving unilaterally through a special circle, it is certain that it has also lost its “adaptive legitimacy.” If the central government formed based on the people’s vote and will and the administration dismissed the governors with a legitimate reason, these were the people who would remove the dismissed governors before the government take the decision. But the government seeks to weaken the party due to created problems.
The governor of Samangan province is Turkmen national and a member of Jamiat party’s leadership. His dismissal has no reason other than political justification or the government did not share the reason for his dismissal with media outlets. The government wants to replace Khaddam with Abdul Latif Ebrahimi, the brother of the head of parliament who is also a member of Hezb-e Islami as governor of Samangan province. This, not only weaken Jamiat party but also giving ransom to Hezb-e Islami.

Where is the government going?
As mentioned, the disobediences only emerge in states that do not have legitimacy or lost their legitimacy. Because of this, the international community is silent about it. The main problem is people around Mr. Ghani not him. Mr. Ghani could not have had any problem with Jamiat party, which now formed a large political consensus called National Coalition for the Salvation of Afghanistan. But those around Ghani, who has long been in trouble with Jamiat party, speaks from the president’s throat. People such as General Taqat, who said that Tajiks must go to Tajikistan, Uzbeks to Uzbekistan and Hazaras to the cemetery, and Mr. Ismail Yun, who is a chauvinist, and others like Akram Ekhpalvak, the advisor to the president and now Gulbuddin Hekmatyar added them. They are the people whom Mr. Ghani has thrown himself into a well with their rope. Mr. Ghani’s associates express their decayed and fanatical thoughts through the throat of a man who considers himself the second thinker of the world. If Mr. Ghani does not come to himself, the result will be nothing but repeating the history.
The thoughts of people such as general Taqat, Ismail Yun, Ekhpalvak, and Hekmatyar, have repeatedly been voiced in the past, and left nothing but war and devastation for Afghanistan.

With this in mind, if ARG and Mr. Ghani move on with the advice of mentioned people to solve the old accounts with Jamiat Islami, the government will undoubtedly move toward a destiny that nobody expects it.
The national unity government in general and on behalf of Tahawol wa Tadawom team have shown, it is not committed to its agreement over the three years, and used every option to eliminate and weaken the political rival.

Now, it can be concluded that the performance of disobedient governors is in fact, a reflection of dissatisfactions and fall of the government that was engineered by the United States contrary to the constitution.

Mahdi Sarbaz – (DID) news agency
Translated by Taher Mojab

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