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Hekmatyar Against Enemy of Israel

The issue of Hekmatyar’s allegiance to ISIL has previously raised on media outlets that Hezb-e Islami joined Daesh, and recruits for this terror groups.

The Leader of Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who is known as expressing strange views, condemned Iran among his fans in Khost province, accusing the country of helping the enemies of Islam and Muslims, right after U.S recognized “Quds” as the Israeli capital and the order to relocate its embassy from “Tel Aviv” to Jerusalem, which it culminated the feelings of Muslims across the world, and in spite of firm stances taken by Iran and Turkey against Trump and the aggression of Israel on Palestinian nation.
Apart from the fact that Hekmatyar’s words about Iran are right or wrong, his recent stances can be viewed from two perspectives.

First, the upcoming parliamentary election will be a tough competition among the political parties and factions involved in the electoral matters.
Hezb-e Islami Hekmatyar is seeking to gain the majority of the House of Representatives to bypass its political rivals. He plans to influence the cabinet, the security decision-making levels, and eventually, to pave the way for the upcoming election through taking control of the House of Representatives.

The past record of Mr. Hekmatyar is in his left hand. He understood well that he cannot achieve votes by making the people sentimental and expressing ethnic-faction slogans; as the reaction of people in Khost province against his rhetoric proves everything. So, he pushes for “illusion of conspiracies” and religious issues. The illusion of conspiracies, is that Afghanistan blames its two western and southern neighbors since the establishment of Pakistan and the water issue that remains unsolved between Afghanistan and Iran. “Our neighbors do not let Afghanistan have peace” is whispered in the ears of every Afghan child since childhood, and putting finger on this issue will culminate “Cry for Allah-o-Akbar.”

Now that election is ahead, they should seek for the people’s votes, and that’s because Hekmatyar slams Iran, accusing that country of standing beside “pagans” and counters “Islam,” in order to show up himself as protector of “National interests” on the one hand, and on the other to pretend himself as “Hans Brinker” of Islam; now, “populism” is correctly defined.

Hekmatyar knows, the Afghan people do not have complete access to information, and do not understand the regional and world issues well, this is the same in the whole world. The rumors are not always wrong and far from facts, you must have heard the idiom that “there is no smoke without fire.”

Second, there is the issue of ISIL defeat in Iraq and Syria, the issue of transferring this group to Afghanistan and the whispers about the alliance of the leader of Hezb-e Islami with this terror group.
The issue of Hekmatyar’s allegiance to ISIL has previously raised on media outlets that Hezb-e Islami joined Daesh, and recruits for this terror groups.

Iran has an “ideological” hostility with ISIL and cannot stand next to it, so, it will inevitably be against it. But why Hekmatyar is unhappy with this issue. It is natural that the issue of Hekmatyar’s allegiance to ISIL, the transfer, and displacement of the group’s fighters in Afghanistan and electoral campaigns provoke this dissatisfaction. The contacts of Hezb-e Islami with Wahhabis and extremist groups, are the other factors that affect his stances, and made him an unofficial representative of Wahhabi, Takfiri-Daeshi thoughts and the regional and world intelligence games.

Zaher Shokoohmand – (DID) news agency
Translated by Taher Mojab

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