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Iran imposes sanctions on 15 US firms

Iran’s foreign ministry says that in retaliation for recent “unilateral restrictions “of America, sanctioned 15 American companies that had role in “crimes of the Zionist regime, support of terrorism and involvement in repression of the people.”
A statement which was published by Iran’s foreign ministry, Yesterday, (March 26th), described the US unilateral sanctions over Iran, against the international law and contrary to the spirit of Iran’s nuclear agreement and world powers.

Iran stressed on its “legitimate defense” right in the statement and wrote that US sanctions will not prevent its efforts to strengthen its defensive capabilities.
The companies that their names are added in the list of “entities under sanctions of the Islamic Republic of Iran” are mainly security, military and constructive American firms that work in Israel or have relations with Israel government.

Iran says that “any dealings with these companies and institutions were banned, their properties will be confiscated within the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran and issuance of visas will be barred to people who had position or responsibility in these firms or somehow associated with them.”

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