Jamiat & its Complicated political way

These days, speaking of restructuring formation of Hezb-e Jamiat Islami on languages, some has discussed and analyzed the strength and weakness points of Jamiat and its continuing political path. Now, many consider Jamiat-e Islami as an active party in the political life of the country and some consider it a movement toward isolation and collapse.
But the truth is that Jamiat-e Islami party is known as one of the powerful and influential parties in the country, which has had a decisive role in in the field of politics and society for more than half a century. However, the movement suffers from some factors and obstacles that it has made the equation to the detriment of that a lot:

– Now the party has largely fallen to the skirt of ethnic, regional and religious thought, as a result of ill-considered actions of the heads. Hezb-e Jamiat which day and times were playing a role beyond religion and ethnicity and its existential radius cover from east to west and from north to south of the country, now, the absence of some ethnic and religious groups has made a big gap in the body. Currently, prominent and deep-rooted figures from within non-Tajik and Shia are seen less in it.

– Ahmad Shah Massoud and Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim were the two great political cylinders of the Jamiat party, that now both families face injustice by some officials of Jamiat. The place of Ahmad Massoud, son of Ahmad Shah Massoud and Adib Fahim, son of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim is empty in the structure and leadership council of Jamiat party. Keeping away such individuals from the party make the political course somewhat difficult for the other heads of the movement too.

– Differences among the senior figures of Jamiat is the other criticism that targets the party. Salahuddin Rabbani, Atta M. Noor, Dr. Abdullah, Mohammad Ismail Khan, Ahmad Zia Massoud, Dr. Ahmad Mushahid – one of the cylinders of the party in Northeast – and other prominent figures of the movement have failed to put aside their differences and to act consistently, at this critical moment. They have just tried to make the role of each weak, influenced by the political atmosphere; as it can be seen that these figures are busy campaigning negatively against each other long ago, instead of addressing important political cases and to take a common solution to curb the complicated plans that stand against them. The domain disputes of Jamiat heads is greater than ever now. Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of the government phased out from the Jamiat party and its leadership council and Dr. Ahmad Mushahid is also been out of the loop.
– On the other hand, the heads of Jamiat are busy in games that actually, pave the way for their fall, instead of thinking about a way out from the current situation. Some officials of Jamiat party are joining this movement seasonal and monsoon. For example, Ahmad Zia Massoud turned his way in favor of M. Ashraf Ghani, despite the common law of the party during the presidential electoral campaign, although being the deputy of the Hezb-e Jamiat Islami.

– Meanwhile, efforts to create harmony and cohesion among Jamiatis, which were used by Atta M. Noor, were sabotaged by obstacles created by some. Mr. Noor tried and used a lot of possibilities to revive Jamiat party by creating a practical and universal axis and through forming congress of the party. He had said to a number of Jamiat heads in a meeting once that “who can really lead Jamiat party, so that I stand like a soldier beside you.” However, his efforts baffled and division still exist in the party too…
In all, it seems that now Hezb-e Jamiat-e Islami needs a “new scheme” to be able to advance it long political way firmly with strength, cohesion, and planning. Jamiat party can play a valuable and active role in the country’s political campaign, when first, heads of the party do not prefer their personal interests to Hezbi-collective interests and in the next step, serious efforts should be conducted, so that all forces and capacities that can work together within the political movement have a place in the structure of Jamiat party to accomplish a better future.

Amin Muhammadi – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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