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Karzai Bomb, U.S Bomb

Karzai Bomb, U.S Bomb

Mr. Karzai expressed discomfort about the U.S “mother bomb” in Nangarhar and killing Daesh (ISIS) … a backlash that called the people to Jihad against America and defiance the government. The sole king, who does not have anyone around himself, except Hiwadmal, an old, skillful, rich person. With these two brave soldiers, he wants to go to war against America. The first courageous and patriotic image of Karzai that comes to mind is the story of “Don Quixote;” an old knight, who had gone to war against a windmill with a spear. The delusional knight who had stuck on top of the windmill, suspended between the earth and sky with a spear in his hand.

The old stipendiary of America, wants to gather all editions of the book “a man who ride a motorcycle,” and that his servitude record to the U.S will be lost behind the concrete walls of his house, but it will not be done. There is not anyone to tell him that the best way to serve the nation is to gather the concrete walls from the sidewalk and road of his house, so that the school children would not be victims of vehicles in this path anymore; since he took over the sidewalk, to tell him that he can only buy the house, not the sidewalk; because the public property cannot be bought. As his brothers and uncles and nephews cannot close the road. His best gift to the nation is to abandon Afghanistan with all of his family and go to America, so that the people become free and save us from the suppression of himself and his family. The U.S bomb is one-day and destroy a part which is full of backed killers, who sacrificed the people, burned them in a cage and other crimes … but your bomb destroys the soul of a nation for years; those who cut the throat of a nine-year-old girl in Zabul road and killed dozens of women and children on the day of Ashura (Islamic religious celebration). Your minister had thousands of imaginary schools, sent thousands of children to slaughter-house and your brothers put a nation into hardships by stealing from everything that one of that was Kabul bank. Your brothers have sold five hundred dollars vehicle to the nation eight thousand dollars, your brothers were throwing the people to the mouth of animals in their zoos and made the country a big zoo. Mr. Karzai, your bomb was the corruption, which is still exploding. You were the father of thieves that have left you now, because everyone loves an alive hero and you are dead; a stinking dead that your smell has taken all soil. If you had a shred of conscience, then you should see the nightmare of girls and widows that their throats and feet and hands were cut, but you do not have such conscience. Your bomb embedded in each department and explodes hundreds of times a day. Your bomb was “Alko” that its explosion makes dust, your bomb was “Mudabir” that millions of his money are still exploding, your bomb was Watan Grup and your security projects. Indeed, when you chose Blak-Water as the security of Sheberghan people. Did not you have a sense of patriotism? Or Uzbeks were not citizens? Your bomb was fake Mullah Mansour that gave him money from the kidneys of the people. Your bomb were commanders in Urozgan and Kunduz, who are still exploding, your bomb is such Mawlawi who still set on fire the police car. Your bomb was your foreign minister, who were illiterate and pulled the nation to a humiliation explosion in the whole world. Your bomb were your hired assassins who are still active in the city. Your bomb was Khorram, who threw the books in the sea and the sea is still black from the blood of the books. Your bomb was spreading robbery and corruption which are expanding daily, your bomb was very strong that the explosions never end. Pick up your bomb from our heads Mr. Karzai or forgive your shadow to another miserable group, we do not have power anymore, even do not have the power to pray that the U.S bomb falls on you and your mafia, our voices do not get out, due to so much suffering.

Reza Mohammadi – (DID) press agency

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