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Karzai Went to Iran/ Ghani will go to India

President Ghani will travel to New Delhi as US secretary of state Rex Tillerson will also visit India.
According to DID news agency report, as US secretary of state will visit India, president Ghani is expected to travel to India and speak with senior Indian officials about security issues in the region and rebuilding Afghanistan.
This will be the third visit of national unity government officials from New Delhi, since America vowed its strategy on Afghanistan which India has a brighter role than ever.

Afghanistan’s chief executive and foreign minister had separately traveled to New Delhi before.
While president Ghani is expected to travel to India, Afghan former president Hamid Karzai had gone to Tehran to attend international conference forum.
Afghan former president had gone to Russia before traveling to Tehran, where he said that the US has failed in Afghanistan.

The visit of the national unity government officials is conducted more to attract regional cooperation parallel to US strategy, but Mr. Karzai’s visit from Russia and Iran, which are one of the serious opponents and critics of the United States, has a particular importance.
It is believed this Afghan politician has had bargains over coordinating the efforts of states opposing American military presence in Afghanistan, and will negotiate with the Iranian officials too.

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