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List of Taliban Negotiation Team Released

The list of Taliban negotiating team led by Sheikh Abdul Hakim and Abbas Stanekzai as deputy was released.

Most of the members in this list are from the southern and southwestern provinces, and there are fewer figures or faces from the north and central Afghanistan.

There are also no representatives from civil society, women, human rights activists and the intellectual community.

The names of the 21-member team are as follows:

1-  Chairman – Sheikh Abdul Hakim-Kandahar

2-  Deputy – Abbas Stanekzai-Logar

3-  Mawlawi Shahabuddin Delawar-Logar

4-  Mullah Shirin Akhund-Kandahar

5-  Mullah Khairullah Khairkha-Kandahar

6-  Mullah Abdul Latif Mansour-Paktia

7-  M. Anas Haqqani-Paktia

8-  M. Suhail Shaheen-Paktia

9-  Mullah M. Fazil Mazloom-Uruzgan

10-  Qari Din M. Hanif-Badakhshan

11-  Mullah Abdulmannan Omari-Uruzgan

12-  Mawlawi Abdul Ghani-Badakhshan

13-  Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi-Helmand

14-  Mullah Abdul Salam Hanafi-Jawzjan

15-  Mawlawi Matiulhaq Khalis-Nangarhar

16-  Mullah M. Nabi Omar-Khost

17-  Sheikh Qasim Turkman-Kunduz

18-  Mullah Abdulhaq Wasiq-Ghazni

19-  Mullah Noorullah Noori-Zabul

20-  Mawlawi Abdul Karim-Herat

21-  Mawlawi Fariduddin-Paktika

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