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Monopoly of Power Creates Crisis: Executive Directorate

The executive directorate spokesperson Mujib Rahman Rahimi said the formation of a national unity government has over-centered the government and called for change within the system.

“The past one decade crisis and monopoly of power by the ARG palace have created chaos in Afghan politics, creating more crisis in the country,” said Mujib Rahman Rahimi, spokesperson for the executive directorate on the occasion of commemorating the constitution on Wednesday.
“The formation of a national unity government has over-centered the establishment and we want a change in the system of the country as well as the implementation of the political agreement of the government,” he added.

Mr. Rahimi said the executive directorate is committed to implementing the political agreement, saying the executive directorate is pushing to reform the electoral system, a replacement within election commission and distribution of electronic ID cards to hold a transparent election, so that 2014 widespread fraud should not be repeated and the people’s vote should not be ignored.
“There are circles within the rival team that prevent the distribution of electronic ID cards due to ethnic and political issues,” Rahimi further said.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Natiqi, a member of the National Coalition for that Salvation of Afghanistan said, “giving more power to the president, centralizing the power in Afghanistan and choosing Hamid Karzai as the head of the interim Afghan administration were our key mistakes in Bonn conference.”
The executive directorate spokesman poses these issues while Dr. Abdullah is accused of political fear and betrayal by his supporters.

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