Most of terrorism victims, Are Muslims

Abdullah II, King of Jordan at the summit of Arab league, said that most of terrorism victims are Muslims and they have suffered more than others from this problem.
King of Jordan, Abdullah II speaking at the opening of the twenty-eighth summit of the Arab league, which was started in the area of “Bahrul Mayit” yesterday, said that “Muslims have suffered more than others from terrorism and most of them are also victims of terror. Thus, our countries must unite in the fight against terrorism with the world.” Quoted from foreign media.

“If Palestine crisis is not fairly resolved, peace and stability will not be prevailed in the region,” he added.
The Jordanian king also talked about Syria crisis; Astana and Geneva negotiations are promising.

Ahmad Aboul Gheit, general secretary of Arab league, referring to the situation of displaced and asylum-seekers, said that Arabs make up about half of the world’s refugees. This issue is directly related to us and we should stand against this chaos. We also thank the host countries of the refugees.

Yesterday, twenty-eighth meeting of the Arab league, was begun at the Dead Sea in Jordan, attended by leaders of 16 member states. The meeting is to discuss and negotiate ways of combating terrorism.

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