Muslimyar, from backing ISIS to criticizing coalition!

Recent stances taken by a number of government leaders in Ankara and creating a new political coalition led to various reactions, for and against in the country’s political environment.
Ata Mohammad Noor, General Dostum, and Mohammad Mohaqiq are the three pivotal and highly political people who are the heads of this coalition. They have a lot of fans in the ethnic geography of Afghanistan and sometimes make controversial decisions in the political matters of the country.
These three influential figures in Afghanistan have recently formed a coalition called “Itelaf-e Nejat-e Afghanistan” (Afghanistan’s rescue coalition) that according to them, is intended to put an end to president’s totalitarian and “ARG’s special circle.” Coalition leaders considered launching the new movement to “prevent the collapse of the system,” claiming that they have taken such action in order to get out of the current status and to restore the people’s trust in the government.

Reactions and stances were raised, forming the coalition. In the first step, the presidency reacted. The presidential palace demanded the figures inside the system to act responsibly and urged the leaders of the coalition to share their plan with the government, improving the country’s current situation.
On the other hand, the house of representatives was also a place where a number of the members showed different reactions to the formation of “Itelaf-e Nejat.” Some of them considered it strengthening the establishment and a number of other members of the parliament have accused the coalition leaders to demanding their personal interests. Anyway, Fazal Hadi Muslimyar showed a reaction to the formation of the coalition too. He called the coalition “shameful” and “woeful.” Muslimyar also asked from Ata Mohammad Noor, general Dostum and Mohammad Mohaqiq to step down from government positions.

In addition to the fact, it has not happened in any political custom that the head of the senate calls for the resignation of first vice president and …, but his false reaction comes at a time when he has hefty allegations that should be focused more. We remember that he was accused of having a hand with Daesh in the country a few days ago. The case was such that the Taliban group uncovered a secret which indicated his connection with Daesh (ISIS). The Taliban released a video of a member of ISIS’s confession. This person who was detained by Taliban, explained that the chairman of Afghan senate met with him and several members of the group at his office in “Jalalabad.” The ISIS member even talked about the financial and military assistance of Muslimyar, saying Muslimyar ordered one of his men to financially and military help ISIS.

Although, this accusation followed the silence of the head of senate and he did not say anything about it, but it is worth noting that the accusation of the complicity of a number of faces inside the system with the terrorists, is a matter that has been repeatedly raised in the political assemblies of the country. In the same vein, last year, Zahir Qadir an MP – who has a powerful influence against terrorists in the eastern provinces of Afghanistan – charged government officials of backing Daesh (ISIS).

In all, it is interesting that how a person who has been accused of supporting terrorists and forming the crisis, is criticizing a coalition, which it does not intend to overthrow the establishment and at least try to improve the government’s conditions!

Amin Nawisa – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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