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My wife! If “Ignorance” suicides me …

(A disappointed man who wrote a letter to his wife)
My dear wife, my love! There is a famous saying from Socrates that: “death is the closest and farthest are dreams.” Who knows that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow “Ignorance” would “suicide” me too, specially in “Afghanistan.” Therefore, my love, I have some advice. If ignorance suicides me, consider these, and if I stay alive, I will be beside you with all power; we will bring up up-to-date children; study and work together and try hard to improve ourselves and our community.

1- My love, do you know, how much I like your hairs and cheeks! Be careful not to pick your beautiful hairs and not to scratch your cheeks. Do you remember that we have never shout over each other, we only got angry and did not speak for a few minutes; if you came to my grave and I saw your hair untidy and your cheeks were scratched, then I would get angry at you and would not talk with you! Got it!
2- My love, after my death, my brothers will volunteer to marry you and take care of you and my son, but do not accept please, because brothers marry you for the evil of the time or to marry you for the peace of my soul, but they may not be happy from deep in heart; maybe they love someone else and would not be able to express. So, please do not let the dreams of a young man be buried with the body of your spouse.

3- My love, do not stay in the name of me or my son! Get marry with whom you desire … with anyone who you love and continue your life. Be happy so that my soul be the same. You know that I cannot tolerate, being unhappy. Perhaps you remember, how much sad I was at those nights you did not want to eat food!
4- My love, do not take charge of my son; maybe your spouse shows himself happy, but would not be happy deep in the heart. So do not bother my soul.
5- Give my son to an orphanage and often visit him, but once a year. Tell the orphanage authorities to keep him alive with science and knowledge.
6- My love, do not be kind with your son a lot every year you visit him, maybe he does not let you go, or to insist on going with you! Be a bit stone-hearted and after visiting him, leave him and continue your own life. If you could not do this, remember those children who neither have father nor mother! And not a person to baby them. If you do not be a bit stone-hearted in this world, it would be hard to live.

7- My love, if my uncles wanted to take care of my son, thank them, but do not accept. Let my son be free. Ask to visit my son at the orphanage, to do this, other orphans are babied too. If they wanted to help him, without any grace, transfer some money to his bank account to study science and technology, but should not tell my son.
8- My love, tell the orphanage instructor not to mess with my son; you know he is not familiar with these things. Tell him/her not to haste feeding him, he eats food while playing. Tell not to hurry to sleep him, he himself sleeps. If he asked where is his father, tell him that his father has turned into a star and appears every night to illuminate a corner of the dark sky until being four-five years old; but after being six-seven years, tell him that “ignorance” killed his father! Tell him to try not to be ignorant and to take his father’s revenge of “ignorance” with “science and knowledge.”
9- My love, if I stay alive, I will be beside you with all power; we will bring up up-to-date children; study and work together and try hard to improve ourselves and our community.

With love and hope for the future
Ali Shah Zarifi

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