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President Ghani:

Pakistani Cargo Lorries Not have permission to Enter Afghanistan

President Ghani met with a number of transport representatives and owners of vehicles late Saturday in ARG palace, insisted that Pakistani cargo lorries do not have permission to enter Afghanistan.
According to ARG, Imported goods which are entered to Nangarhar and Kandahar customs, are evacuated and reloaded by domestic private transportation vehicles and are transferred to other parts of the country.

Meanwhile, president Ghani ordered immigrants who return from the neighboring country, and own transportation vehicles, are permitted to transfer goods to other parts of the country for two months, during the time, they must complete the processing of their documents according to Afghanistan traffic law.
On the other hand, the transportation ministry will monitor the implementation of the verdict and presents its report to the presidential palace on a regular basis.

“According to the president’s verdict, the Pakistani cargo Lorries do not have permission to enter Afghanistan, instead the private sector will transfer the goods to various parts of the country,” said acting minister of transportation Mohammad Hamid Tahmasibi.
“The implementation of the verdict will resolve the existing problems and assured the president of monitoring the process,” he added.

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